Stairways & Ladders

Aim For Sky-high Results With Our Stairways And Ladders

Depending on the size of your project, you might require a serious sky-high scaffold system. To complement your sprawling scaffolds, Urban Scaffolding Ltd. offers an assortment of ladders and two types of stairways. Let your workers access your growing project as safe and efficient as possible.

Construction is extremely simple and requires very little extra training for you or your staff. A piece of plywood with steel edging sitting atop a sturdy aluminum frame on wheels is the most basic structure. You can choose whichever height you need your work platform to sit at. Use the scaffold on stairs, lock the wheels, and reach the heights you need to get the job done.


The first stairway is used with a 5’ wide x 7’ long frame scaffold. These stairs are designed for easy access and egress. Because these stairways are less than 2 ½’ wide, caution must be used when two people pass in opposite directions. Handrails for stairways are available as per safety regulations.

The second 6’6″ stairway belongs with a system scaffold and works equally on its height interval. The width and length of the scaffold are usually 7’. The 6’6” stairways don’t come in one piece like the 5’ stairway. One stairway is made up of 2 stair stringers, 2 handrails, 8 steps, and some toggle pins.


For straight vertical access, Urban Scaffolding has both 5’ and 3’ Ladders. A starter bracket is required at the bottom of each rung. When ladders are used to go higher than 20’, there must always be a rest platform (or a landing) every 20’ (6.4 m). Remember that ladders must extend at least 3’ (1 m) past the platform.

Please note that materials and tools may not be carried up a ladder because the worker should have 3-point contact on the ladder at all times.

If you have any questions about the type and number of stairways and ladders needed for your scaffolding, then give us a call any time. Order your additional scaffold pieces today!

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