Utility Scaffold

Get A Boost In Height With Our Utility Scaffold

For many day- to-day jobs, all you need is just a bit of a boost. Our utility scaffolds are purely simple and extremely handy for any light-duty jobs done by painters, drywallers, electricians, and more. It is also very useful for the handyman or handywoman to do jobs like painting ceilings, changing light bulbs, repairing plaster cracks, and so on and so forth. If accessing a ceiling or mobility is all you need, then a basic utility scaffold is your answer.

Construction is extremely simple and requires very little extra training for you or your staff. A piece of plywood with steel edging sitting atop a sturdy aluminum frame on wheels is the most basic structure. You can choose whichever height you need your work platform to sit at. Use the scaffold on stairs, lock the wheels, and reach the heights you need to get the job done.

Extra Components For The Utility Scaffold

A great feature of the utility scaffold is the ability to easily add layers of scaffold to achieve more height. We offer these extra components if you need to reach higher. Once your team is working at heights over 10’ in height, you must add utility guardrails for the safety of your workers. Extra platforms are required to build up the scaffold to different levels. You may even need to add outriggers when the height-to-base ratio is exceeded and tie-ins are not possible.

If a simple utility scaffold is all you need to get things started, then give us a call today! We’ll get you working hard in no time.

Support That Your Construction Needs

All construction projects need some support, and with our scaffold services, you can get all the support you need! Turn to us for reliable frame scaffolds, system and tube and clamp scaffolds, and more.