Fence Rentals

Access Fencing Easily With Our Fence Rentals

At Urban Temporary Fence Rentals, we provide temporary chain link fencing for construction sites, security, public events, and more around Edmonton, Alberta. No job is too small!

When you rent fences from us, you can expect fence panels that are 6’ high x 10’ long. And we even carry the bases for dirt and solid terrain. We can also provide you with man-gates.

Sound like the right type of fencing for your construction project or event? Then take a look at the following fees to see what you can expect from our fence rental service.

Fence Rental Fees

Rentals: $5.00 per panel per 28 Days
Installations and Removals: Contact us for a quote
Cartage: Ranges from $20.00 and Up
Man-Gates: $5.00 Per 28 Days
Gate Wheels: $2.50 Per 28 Days

*Please note that fees are subject to change without notice.

Fencing Accessories

In addition to our competitive fence rentals, Urban Temporary Fence Rentals also carries accessories for fencing. These accessories include the following:

Plates for regular ground applications

Ground pegs for irregular applications

Wheels for swinging gates

We also have specialty slats for certain job applications where privacy is required. Phone 780-452-5986 today to make arrangements for your next job or event!

Support That Your Construction Needs

All construction projects need some support, and with our scaffold services, you can get all the support you need! Turn to us for reliable frame scaffolds, system and tube and clamp scaffolds, and more.