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Supporting Your Structures with Our Scaffolds

Urban Scaffolding Ltd. offers the scaffold equipment and the services to get your construction project started and finished. We offer scaffold rentals, sales, repairs, and installations to help you reach the height of possibility.

Support Your Construction with Professional Scaffolds from Edmonton

All construction projects require support. At your source for scaffolds in Edmonton, we have literally been supporting building projects for over 45 years. Urban Scaffolding Ltd. has the industry reputation for second-to-none, galvanized scaffold equipment. However complex or simple your project may be, we can offer the scaffold solution you seek. We specialize in providing all types of scaffold support you could need — from the beginning to the end of your job, we offer:






To help you get your job done safely and on time, we can supply your necessary needs by way of frame scaffold, tube and clamps, system scaffold, alum beam for access, and light shoring applications. In addition to scaffolds, we also provide construction debris chutes and temporary chain link security fencing to help you get the job done. If your job needs the support, then we’ve got your back!

Edmonton’s Scaffolding Source

With top-quality materials and unmatched service, we have been the leader in the scaffold industry around the Edmonton area for decades. Find out how we got to where we are and who we’ve helped along the way.

Scaffold Training by Urban Scaffolding Ltd.

Urban Scaffolding offers specific trade training for those looking to deepen their scaffold knowledge and skills. Three of our well-designed courses offer competent person training and inspecting, both in the classroom and in a practical environment. A competency card is issued from the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) upon completion. Students will be able to learn the following skills:

Hazard awareness

Hazard awareness

Frame scaffold training

Frame scaffold training

Tube and clamp training

Tube and clamp training

System scaffold

System scaffold

Call our trained and certified technicians today, and we’ll get you set up with perfect scaffold solutions. We pride ourselves on helping you become your own scaffold expert!

Service Where the Sky is Literally the Limit

Our scaffold services can provide a wide variety of systems to fit any of your job requirements. Whether you need to keep it simple or get very creative, we have the solution for you. From building projects to spectator events, there’s a scaffold with your name on it.

Scaffolds that Work Wherever You Need Them

No matter how challenging your project may be, we have a potential solution for you. Our system scaffolds can get as creative as your imagination. We’ll get you to where you need to be so you can get the job done!

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