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Complete Your Construction with Our Scaffold Services in Edmonton

We do our job so that you can do yours! Urban Scaffolding Ltd. can provide the equipment, the expertise, and the scaffold services around Edmonton that are needed to get your construction project started and complete. From standard utility scaffolding to innovative Tubeloc and system scaffolding, we can get your crews to the heights they need to be. We will work with you to understand all the things you need and determine exactly what scaffolding system is right for you.

Get to Work with Available Scaffolding Equipment

Our scaffolding systems come in all shapes and sizes for whatever job you need to get done. From simple handy man and trade-based work to fully fledged construction projects, we have the scaffolding solutions to get the job done. In addition to more typical scaffolding, we can also offer bleachers for events. If you need to use it, we can build it. Take advantage of the following equipment we carry:

Additional Equipment to Get the Jobs Done

Beyond scaffolding we also carry supplemental equipment to enhance your construction projects. The reality of construction sites presents a number of moving parts, and we know that scaffolding is only a piece of the puzzle. Explore our additional equipment to see what we can provide to help improve your construction site.

For more information, call us today!

Support that Your Construction Needs

All construction projects need some support, and with our scaffold services, you can get all the support you need! Turn to us for reliable frame scaffolds, system and tube and clamp scaffolds, and more.

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