Tubeloc System

Reach Difficult Spaces With Our Tubeloc System

Often times, your scaffold system cannot reach a place that you need to access to get your job done. With Tubeloc systems, you will be able to reach just about anywhere. By using lengths of tubing and the two different, available fittings, you can construct a special scaffold for otherwise inaccessible places. Tube and clamps also make versatile bracing to strengthen and tie in towers.

Determine What Kind Of Scaffolds You Need

Tube and clamp is the most frequently used scaffold in industrial worksites, a totally customizable scaffold structure used for challenging building projects between Tubeloc and system scaffolds. Once you decide that your scaffold needs to be more complex than a simpler utility scaffold, various factors like working surface, weight distribution, location, and potential obstructions become critical.

Components Of Tubeloc Scaffolding

There are only four pieces that make up this system, but an infinite amount of possibilities you can do with them:

Aluminum Tubeloc

It comes in different lengths : 2½’, 5’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 15’, & 20’. Most other lengths can be made up with these sizes.

R/A Clamps

This device holds 2 aluminum Tubelocs at right angles and at the same time, braces the scaffolding.

Bearing Bracket

This is an angle iron with a hook at one end and a clamp at the other end. This is used to support the planking.

Wall Clips

This small but important little part must be fastened to the studs of the building (or equivalent – meaning concrete, brick, block, welded to steel, etc). It holds the bearing bracket at one end and keeps the scaffold from falling either into or away from the wall.

Support That Your Construction Needs

All construction projects need some support, and with our scaffold services, you can get all the support you need! Turn to us for reliable frame scaffolds, system and tube and clamp scaffolds, and more.