Debris Chutes

Enjoy Easy Disposal With Our Debris Chutes

One of the unavoidable realities of any building project is the disposal of by-product waste and debris. This can be done floor-by-floor, bag-by-bag, or with the convenience of a debris chute. Urban Scaffolding Ltd. offers debris chutes that are fast to install and lightweight, durable, and inexpensive. Your crews will be able to conveniently send waste material down the chute directly into the garbage bin.

Our debris chutes are 28″ high and are made of a high-density polyethylene. The chute can be attached to window structures, parapets, scaffolds, and flat roofs if securely attached to a sturdy anchorage point. Extra intermediate intake chutes can be installed at each floor for removal of debris at all levels if required, meaning that workers can dispose of their waste material from any floor of the building.

Give us a call today if you think a debris chute could improve your building project.

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