Access Hard-to-Reach Areas with the Angel Wing

We are committed to helping your workers gain access to wherever the work needs to be done! The Angel Wing is an extra unique type of scaffold equipment typically used on the construction of bridges and steel buildings. This work platform consists of a lightweight man basket that hangs off steel structures, where a single individual can work safely while accessing hard-to-reach points.

Due to its lightweight aluminum construction, this piece of equipment can be installed and dismantled with relative ease. Its compact, foldable design allows your workers to set up quickly, get the job done, and move on to the next task.

Most importantly, your teams will be safe! Each component of the Angel Wing is designed for the work platform stage to hold up to a 440-lb load with a 4:1 safety factor.

Please note that the Angel Wing is only available for sale.

Angel WIng Model

Dimensions of the Angel Wing Model IV

  • Base - 24 inches
  • Width - 42 inches
  • Height - 56 inches

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